Baby makes 4!

I just got back from my doctor appointment and I am excited to announce that this holiday season will be complete with a new member of our family! My official due date is November 14th so that makes me 9 weeks and 1 day.

It’s amazing what difference a year can make. I remember this time last year I was in medically induced menopause and dealing with symptoms like power surges (hot flashes), insomnia, ZERO libido, and I’m sure my husband might add mood swings to the list. Needless to say, while going through all of that I really worried about how well my ovaries would make it back out of it and it didn’t feel like the possibility of having another child on my own would ever be possible again. Menopause is HORRIBLE! Be nice to your mothers, wives, aunts, whomever is going through it… other wise they might just kill you! ;-)  

If we didn’t get pregnant by this coming summer, we had every intention to start the adoption process and we were pretty excited about the idea of it. I don’t know if adoption is still something that our future holds (we’re ready for what ever blessing God wants to bring our way), but right now we are very excited about the little blessing living inside my belly. :-)  

It’s funny how very different I feel about this pregnancy than with Morgan. I just want a happy healthy baby. I don’t care about the sex… just health. This baby is truly a miracle and we feel SOOO lucky to have him or her!

I’m so excited to say… BABY MAKES FOUR! 

God is so good and I can not wait to see what other good things this year brings. Happy Tuesday!




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6 responses to “Baby makes 4!

  1. Katie Morris

    NICOLE!!! Congratulation to all of you I am sooo happy for you..!!!!!!! Yea

  2. Nicole, that is amazing! A big congratulations to you that is so exciting. All the best with the pregnancy!

  3. Barbara Walker

    Congratulations! I’m holding you to that due date. I’d love to have him/her born on my birthday ;)

  4. Krystal Cripe

    CONGRATS to you two!!

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  6. Lisa Patrick

    That is so awesome. God is so good.

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