It’s that time of year again…

Boise’s Race for the Cure is only two and a half weeks away and this year although our lives are very busy this year, I am so excited to set some time aside to represent an organization I care so much about. The services, funding, and support that are available to women at all stages of their journey because of this great organization is nothing short of incredible.

If you live in the Boise area and have not already joined a team, we’d love for you to be a part of ours. Just go to, click on the Race for the Cure link, click on “join a team” and search for our team name and click “Join”. It’s as easy as that, it’s a GREAT cause, and we’d LOVE to have you with us to celebrate!

This year my husband and I were also a part of this years race campaign. Bellow is his “story” and his “I race for”… Can I just say that I am a VERY luck woman. :-)

Written by: Brock Cassity

As a co-survivor you have a hard time relating to other people. From the outside world people say “oh you don’t have it tough, she does”, but in reality… it is tough. As a husband it hit me hard, but in different ways and it changed from day to day. Some of the hardest were the emotional heartbreaks of watching your beautiful wife lose pieces of her that made her who she was like her hair and her pink-peachy colored face that was once full of joy and life turn dull and grey and full of sickness. It hurt to see her so sick and in pain.
Everyday my stomach was in knots while I did my best comforting her and financially provide; yet at the same time I felt like I could do nothing. It was impossible to completely understand what she needed or what she was going though, because I wasn’t the one who was physically going through it.
Our faith in God, trust in each other and a whole lot of love is what got us through. We stood our ground during the hard times and it paid off. Nicole is now over a year cancer free and is as strong (and stubborn) as ever. The memories of the rough times will always be there, but the good that came from it outweighs the bad.
I was lucky, she beat cancer and I am blessed in that I get to come home to my beautiful wife and mother to our 3 year old daughter. To those who’ve lost that- My heart aches for you. To Cancer- One day you are going to lose and I hope we live to see the day where all of your victims can stomp you into the ground and keep you away forever. 
I race for my beautiful wife, Nicole, to show her how much I stand behind her and will always be there to support her. I also race for my daughter, Morgan, in hopes that she lives a happy, healthy, and cancer free life.  

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5 responses to “It’s that time of year again…

  1. Sue Floyd

    Broc, It was so touching to hear your testimony of your love of your family and living through the battle of breast cancer . I am sure this hasn’t been an easy experience but so inspiring how your relationship grew and survived and now more miracles ! You ,Nicole, and Morgan give hope to all of those who hear your story. God Bless you all!
    Love , Sue

  2. Mon

    Oh! Beautifully written. What a wonderful man. I think my husband would fully relate to that. Going through the treatment myself its not until now where I realise what hell he went through watching me go through treatment and how it affected him. It certainly made us stronger but I feel bad he has no one else to understand how it was. I’m gonna get him to read this tonight.
    Good luck getting your team sorted!

  3. Donna Thor

    All I can say is WOW. That made me cry. I’m so very glad you have someone like Brock to help you through!

  4. Sheila

    Thank you for some insight into what I am and will be going through. My husband was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and starts chemo in a few weeks. Male breast cancer is rare and, of course, everything is geared towards women. When my husband went for a scan, the technician started talking to me until I said, no, it’s not me, it’s him. He is the provider in our family, which is difficult, and until now he’s never been ill. But we’ll face this together as we have done for the last 30 years.

  5. Vickie Wolf

    Nicloe and Brock….your story is much the same as mine! 30 years ago, with a 13 month old on my hip, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumor I had was BIG and had come on quickly as I had weaned my son. I had a radical mastectomy followed by radiation. Then a year later, at my request (lumpy bumpy tissues that kept me awake at nite!!) I chose a subcutaneous mastectomy..which revealed no signs of cancer—-thank God!!!!! I have never regretted any of these decisions, as I am obviously still here and blessed to have my 2!!! sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren! Then there’s my precious husband!!!! Roger has been by my side and my rock for these past 34 years. Without him–I don’t know what I would have done!!! What struck me about you and your story were the similarities—-Brock sounds just like Roger–that deep secure love that gives us the wings to soar thru this muddy world! I love your story and how you have shared it. Breast cancer is so frightening—as a hairdresser my partner (also a survivor) and I have seen such panic in our clients eyes and I do believe that stories of victory bring such hope and at least a small measure of peace! Thank you Nicole and Brock—you are truly inspirational……someday I would love to meet you!!!!!! Vickie Wolf

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